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Birthday on the Cheap

Paul is my boyfriend for almost seven years now. We are both mature and raising teens separately from a previous marriage. We are in no hurry to tie the knots. Some time we will get there before we move to our retirement home :). Anyway, we have grown very relaxed with each other, and we laugh a lot together. It revolves around (mostly) how cheap he is. Of course, I like to exaggerate but that's what jokers do. 

Here's what my cheap boyfriend did this week.

  1. My boyfriend is so cheap, he took me out for a birthday lunch in a Japanese restaurant (not cheap, but . .  ). Then, instead, of ordering me dessert there, he took me to an ice cream shop next door.  "it is cheaper there," he says. 
  2. Not only that but instead of taking me for a nice walk in the park while licking our ice cream, he asked to walk just outside in the parking lot. He did not want to waste gas on a drive to the park. 
  3. We also stirred away from the stores especially the Jewelry store. "They are open," he says. (This reminds me when he offered to walk to the mall with me after 6 pm when the stores were closed. I really liked a pair of boots I could see through the display that I could not buy).
  4. "I will take you for a nicer date on Saturday for your birthday week." Something to look forward to, so I thought . . .  He took me to a trade show to look at RVs, not to buy but just to look. He was even complaining about the $10 entrance fee he paid for both of us.
  5. Oh, I haven't told you about the big stone he gave me for my birthday. It was this plastic gem on a Hallmark card. Yup, that's my stone pictured above!
Oh, Paul makes me laugh. Please note, I am not putting him down. I really like the guy. He is such an awesome person and he truly takes care of me. He keeps me happy.
Silly Sunday post, my boyfriend is so cheap jokes


  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. Well bless his heart.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  2. I'm a cheap husband. I took my wife to the movies today because I get free passes from my employer. No Popcorn, no drinks.


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