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Getting Education Early

I am sitting in the class with my third helping of breakfast and third cup of coffee.
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. --Malcolm X 

I had small talks with my son recently who just turned 18. He is on his last year of high school. I was wondering why he has not started looking for colleges yet.

"I want to take a whole year break from school to work and save up for a car."

In a program where he is now, he can possibly get assistance for housing up to a year. I don't know the details of this but I told him that I see this as a waste of his time. He can just stay home rent-free and concentrate on college. Working part-time can just be extra and not required to pay for necessities. I am not trying to make him stay under my wings forever but I do want to help him succeed as early and as least painful it is to him.

"That is my decision."

Wow. It does not make much sense to me. He makes me nervous. I am worried why he is so in a hurry to leave the house only to go back after a year. In the Filipino tradition, children stay home through college until they get married. I understand we're in the United States, and I am not expecting my children to stay that long, but at least through college years.

Education is very important. I try to tell him, the earlier he finishes college, the earlier he can earn more money. And as hard going to school may be, there is a reward in the end.

I still have ongoing education at work. Each week, at least, I have some e-learning to do online. Last Monday, before work, I had to sit in a class for work, before work. We, nurses, have a hard time sitting for a long time anymore, so they try to get as busy munching on breakfast at the same time. What a treat. I would choose not to study anymore but it is what it is, we have to keep learning as required by our job.

Anyway, I am still hoping he would change his mind and pursue his college education this August. Oh well.


  1. I have heard of other students who have wanted to take a year off after high school, before going on to college. It is painful for parents to watch their children make a decision that they may not feel is the best one.
    I admire you doing whatever you have to do to be a knowledgeable and caring nurse. I am so thankful for the good nurses and aides who care for my Mom in a nursing center.

    1. Thanks for appreciating us, nurses. Our jobs can be hard, physically and emotionally. Hearing from family and patients their appreciation means a lot, even a simple smile back on their hard times.

  2. Maybe your son is unsure what he wants to do with his life and the year will give him time to think. Yes I always think coffee is an essential tool in learning:)

  3. Education is so important.... and I think, the right of every person, no matter what his inheritage is. In some countries around the world it can be taken for free, in others, (like the one I live in) it is only for the people who have that loads of money to give it to their childeren....

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)
    (want to take a preview at the new url starting round 21 ?

  4. Education assuredly IS important! Hope it works out.


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