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COVID-19 Season

After going back and forth with events cancellation, we went ahead and did the Wellness Challenge Kick-Off for 2020. We are a group of 25ish not 250 crowd. It is part of our fundraising, so it is important to us. We had a good time raising money, collecting from participants for the challenge to benefit nursing student scholars. I feel grateful for the smooth event.

Here is the rest of my thankfuls.
  • A guiding quote from one of our team members in the PNACO nursing association inspiring us to move more.
  • A late-birthday gift from family, a comforter set, so warm and soft.
  • A group-texting app for my work-team. There are probably 100 of us, too many. This Group-Me texting works smoothly. I named it St Joseph Intensive Care on my phone not realizing I changed it for the whole group. Nobody complained to the so-techy me though.

  • As the antimicrobial soaps and gels run out from the stores due to panic buying, thank goodness we still have running water. We can wash our hands. Don't expect bottled water still being available, though. That is too much to ask.
  • Charity Miles app for letting me donate my miles.
  • My cute grandchildren pics.
  • My grandson loves the reusable feeder pouch with baby food in it. He can feed himself with hardly any mess.

  • My city closed our recreation centers and parks through the end of the month to slow down of the COVID-19 spread. I am not ecstatic about that but thank goodness for the open spaces we're still allowed to go to.
  • Recumbent bike to exercise indoors.
  • A late Filipino Ube cake for me with macapuno strings. Macapuno is similar to coconut. Yum.
  • I learned how to podcast. My therapist recommended considering podcasting. If nothing else, it serves as a great stress reliever for me, similar to journaling and blogging.
  • We have masks left for working with patients in isolation. I had to save a single mask for the whole day but I am so glad I had it.
  • We, care providers, are not required to stay in the hospital yet. Remember we are both the band and the rescuers of the sinking Titanic. Please do not forget us, and pray for us too.

Oh, COVID-19. You are old. It is 2020. Leave, now.
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I am so glad you had a mask and that you will continue to have them.

    How true about you care givers being both the band and the rescuers. The Titanic video is so apropros in this situation. (Tears). Prayers for you all.

  2. Thank you for providing for the health of others. Take care of you and keep us smiling. Hugs

  3. Nurses are so vital! Thank you for all you do! Stay safe!

  4. Best of wishes, surely a most difficult task to care for those both sick and, mostly likely, scared.
    Fortunately spring approaches. We have had a very good winter here in southern New England, but can't wait for the warmer weather.
    Have a good week.


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