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Happy Nurses Week, ICU Nurses

Amid the beeps and alarms of machines, You stand tall in all the scenes  A guardian angel for the ill and weak, Sick, frail, and patients who can't speak Your compassion knows no bounds, Your dedication, as you make rounds You give care to those unfortunates And soothe their pain with care and courage Though the daily shifts may seem long, And the days in a week ahead uncertain, Take heart, dear nurses, and stay strong, For many lives you lift some burden Your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed, Your sacrifices are deeply appreciated, For you are the ones who keep us grounded And give us the strength to persevere, undaunted. So here's to the nurses in the ICU, Thank you all for work that you do, May you find more power and push through And know that we are grateful to you.

January Gratitude 2023

It is the beginning of the year that I got a chance to get away to the tropics, kinda close to my home country where I was born. I found comfort in laying on the sand as I watched a few people passing by. Most of them were taking group pictures. I can almost tell, they were on vacation just like me.

I walked to the community garden and picked star fruit and a small grapefruit from the trees. I thought I would take a picture with the bird of paradise flower for a good mix of colors.

One morning, I rose from bed early enough to capture the sunrise. I was in the northern part of the island so it was tricky to get a good enough shot of the sun as it appear from the east. I captured a little of it, anyway. How could simple things like sunrise be so beautiful?

On a hike, I found this message on a post. It translates to, "Peace on earth."

Along the hike, there is a swimming hole I did not dare to jump into. I assume it is cold. I heard locals like swimming here. It scares me, however cute.

Back in Colorado, it is cold. I took time this morning to make a cappuccino with frothed milk. Simply comforting. 

I am grateful for many things.


  1. I did my reading (of TToT posts) last first today. This one is much more comfortable! no cold or snow or winter! lol
    Very nice thought for a January read.

    1. It was a warm January vacation. Thank you for your advice on anonymous google commenting. noted.

  2. Hi, Carin! Beautiful pictures of your trip! I hope you got some rest while you were there. Stay warm and safe!

    1. It was a nice restful and beautiful vacation. Thank you.


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