January Gratitude 2023

It is the beginning of the year that I got a chance to get away to the tropics, kinda close to my home country where I was born. I found comfort in laying on the sand as I watched a few people passing by. Most of them were taking group pictures. I can almost tell, they were on vacation just like me.

I walked to the community garden and picked star fruit and a small grapefruit from the trees. I thought I would take a picture with the bird of paradise flower for a good mix of colors.

One morning, I rose from bed early enough to capture the sunrise. I was in the northern part of the island so it was tricky to get a good enough shot of the sun as it appear from the east. I captured a little of it, anyway. How could simple things like sunrise be so beautiful?

On a hike, I found this message on a post. It translates to, "Peace on earth."

Along the hike, there is a swimming hole I did not dare to jump into. I assume it is cold. I heard locals like swimming here. It scares me, however cute.

Back in Colorado, it is cold. I took time this morning to make a cappuccino with frothed milk. Simply comforting. 

I am grateful for many things.


  1. I did my reading (of TToT posts) last first today. This one is much more comfortable! no cold or snow or winter! lol
    Very nice thought for a January read.

    1. It was a warm January vacation. Thank you for your advice on anonymous google commenting. noted.

  2. Hi, Carin! Beautiful pictures of your trip! I hope you got some rest while you were there. Stay warm and safe!

    1. It was a nice restful and beautiful vacation. Thank you.


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