Looking Back Last Month and Beyond

Colorado mountain in a normal cold day

I revisited this blog after many months of abandonment. Somebody had to check it. It is still here. I had been occupied with work, family, and volunteer nursing activities. In my little free time, I admit, I tried and did escape to the tropics. I am thankful for that that because back home in beautiful Colorado, the red rocks had been covered with snow. It has been a cold, white winter. There is beauty in it, somehow. Cold, simple, and pure.

Health Blog, sweetener with Stevia, good for diabetes and weight management
My stevia plant died after I have not watered it enough for many days too often. I have the backup, no-care-needed sweetener in a herb-like container. It does the job to sweeten my drink.


Cappuccino  coffee with froth milk
I had been drinking more hot drinks lately. More, I mean twice a day. This cappuccino from home is as good as some famous coffee shops. Paul and I invested in a small frother and cappuccino for home.


I have been cooking more at home, as both my husband's and my blood pressure were higher than we want. We are lessening our sodium intake. Here I added some kale to our breakfast. It is delicious--husband approved. I was trying to stretch our last few eggs here :).


Cooked chicken and added vegetables made this meal kit a little bit healthier.
I added some meat and vegetable from a simple, ready-to-cook (heat-up) dinner. The kit has enough sauce and flavor in it that the whole dish is still very flavorful. Another quick, easy, and somewhat healthy meal I was able to cook after a long day of hospital work. The cooked chicken added is a real-time saver too.


Lobster and Corn easy meal, healthy meal that is cooked in less than 30 minutes
To celebrate Chinese New Year, I thought we should have something red. The husband suggested lobster. It is a special occasion so we splurged a little. I added some corn. 


At home, nurse blogger
Here he is enjoying our dinner. 


vegetable hydroponic planter for indoors

This hydroponic planter does not disappoint. It gives me greens all year long for almost three years now. 


I changed the template, fonts, color, and some images of this blog. Most links from previous years are still here. Come to think of it, I still use many of the same things and recommend them. 


I reviewed the about page. It reminded me of why I started this blog. This is a therapy blog for me. I hope I can inspire others, and in a few ways, teach others what not to do, maybe :). 


Do not be lazy, Carin. 
Make time for journaling, blogging, or writing.
Let yourself be surrounded by positive people.



  1. Oh, I'm so interested in your hydroponic garden! I've been wanting to do some indoor gardening through the winter months. It's good to hear that you have had multi-year success with your system!

    1. The hydroponic garden is a good investment for me. The convenience of harvesting greens right from my dining room is so awesome. I am having kale salad tonight. Sweet, tender, and so fresh.

  2. Good to 'see; you again, Carin. The food looks appetizing. While the winter has been nearly normal in temperature, we've been lucky in getting very little snow (southern New England).
    Like the new theme, nice light touch.

  3. Glad you got us caught up! I know you're very busy, but it's always grand when you are able to jump in and join the hop! We welcome you with open arms! Good for you to work on your healthy eating. My husband would be interested in your hydroponic garden, but I fear my cats would be, too, and it wouldn't last long at my house!


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