A Bright Week

Hello, hello. It's been a busy, pleasant week. I have many things to be grateful for.

  • My indoor planter has arrived. I am so ready with my grow lights and makeshift trellis. Next week, I hope I receive my seedlings. This is my first indoor vegetable gardening with a promise of 36 plants! I will grow lettuce, tomatoes, kales, cucumbers, and other veggies with this. Wish me luck.

  • Paul and I have not dined out in a restaurant for months. We love hotpot so we're doing it on our own. We also have not done any camping. Here is our version of "eating out" with makeshift "campfire and have the benefit of real bathrooms, electric power, and fresh seafood (from the grocery store). Some of the vegetables are from my gardening. And we could drink as much wine as we want last night as we were not driving. We enjoyed this eating out 2020 style. We will do it again.

  • I helped put together a simple send off to my co-nurse at work. She worked in our hospital for 38 years. She was an excellent nurse. We will miss her. We're not allowed to throw a big party but we had a good time at lunchtime just the same. The bundt care (raspberry and pecan) tasted great and we ordered Korean food from a food truck who donated food to us during the peak of COVID in our unit. 
  • I thank Paul for putting together the bouquet. I was busy at work and I asked him to get a flower arrangement with sunflowers as our cake has a sunflower. He could not find that specific arrangement so he made one himself. We think it looks great.
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Your indoor planter looks amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing how your plants do in it.
    My husband and I were recently talking about how we don't miss dining out. We occasionally will get take-out, but enjoy eating it at home. Eating out 2020 style is just as nice as in-restaurant dining, and probably more so!

  2. The bouquet looks lovely! Can't wait to see how your indoor planter works.

  3. That is such an intriguing planter and grow lights! Can't wait to see how that works.
    I had to google hotpot. Sounds like an enjoyable way to dine.
    Beautiful, cheery flower arrangement!

  4. I'm enjoying eating at home and since I'm the main cook I don't have to do dishes. Lovely outdoor layout!


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