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Thankful for Warm May

The warm days have come, and so the scare of frost has left Colorado. So I wish. To be safe, I started farming mushrooms indoors. I need the motivation I can grow something. It has been 5 years since I did gardening for a hobby.

The easiest way is to purchase a kit, of course. Within ten days, I had oyster mushrooms ready for harvest. Look at the progression of growth from one day to another. 

Look at the pictures below of Josiah and me. What a year of change. My little grandson grew so much. Come to think of it, last year, I did not have to wear a mask when heading outdoors. I am thankful we are not inflicted with serious diseases.

We did not attend any graduation this year. There was no regular celebration of any kind I heard of anyway. The bakeries are open for a curbside pick up though. So we got a cake for Paul's son for graduating from high school with good grades.

Yesterday, I left work early from severe migraine, nausea, and using the emesis bag 4 times too many. I am grateful for the video doctor visit. The provider was teasing me though, saying, "So you left the hospital, and then now you are video visiting to talk to a doctor?" (Well, I work in the hospital, yes, but it was not that bad to go to the emergency department. And when I was that sick, the last thing I wanted to do was to stay at work). I thought I was gonna get better just going home. The two meds I was prescribed worked though. Thank goodness. I finally was able to eat and keep it down around one a.m.

On a more serious (but good) note, the COVID-19 population continues to shrink in the hospital. So far we only have two units for them instead of 4.

That is all for now. Have a good weekend, you all.


  1. those shrooms....yum!!! Josiah is precious.

    Congratulations to Paul for graduating.

    Here's to better days in our world...sooner than later, let's hope!!!

  2. yow... tough week/excellent TToT*

    Have a better week next week?

    *to write with the underlying gratitude still showing through

  3. I love mushrooms. Never thought of growing them indoors! My how they grow so quickly. He is adorable. My heart aches for graduates this year, especially the high school seniors. Nice you still had a celebration :) Hope you feel better.

  4. I have never grown mushrooms, but those little boxes of mushrooms available in the grocery stores will last us a week or more, so growing them might produce more that we could eat.
    So sorry you were not feeling well. I hope you get to feeling much better quickly. Migraines are horrible. Fortunately I didn't follow in my mother's footsteps in this area.
    Yeah that the COVID-19 population at the hospital is shrinking.

  5. I've always gardened, but have never tried growing mushrooms.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Pretty mushrooms! Hope you're over the hump. Beautiful child.


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