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Birthday Delights

(I will keep this short as I have two long reports to write for school and it is already 5:30 pm on a Sunday).

To write this post
Is exciting at most
Because here I disclose
Blessings that arose

It was my birthday yesterday
And although I had a cold
My discomfort was controlled
And out of bed, I rolled

To eat food that I like
Sushi, ice cream delights
To receive flowers full of life
Are worth a snow day's drive

What more, I got to go
To the steam room
Away from snow
Look at me
Sitting as if . . .
I was meditating
Does it show?

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Wishing you many happy returns of the day!

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂 Lovely poem!

  3. Happy birthday, Carin. I'm glad you were able to write a bit of poetry before having to dive into the reports for school. A Great list of blessings.

  4. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you get over your cold soon!

  5. Happy belated birthday! I hope you will be better soon.
    Have a great week!

  6. Happy, Belated Birthday, Carin!! Sounds as if your cold was not so bad you missed out on your birthday treats! Hope you are feeling better.

  7. cool with the poetry... and Happy Birthday


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