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Forcing Myself to Express Gratitude

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Hello. Hello. Here I am again this week. Back with a thankful post, I did not feel like writing.

My oldest child (18) surprised me with an old car he bought a few days ago--a Dodge Stratus 2003, sedan, with a sportsy look. Never mind the paint that needs to be redone. That is just cosmetics. But the windshield has cracks in two spots. In addition, the front tires are bald, and the first time he introduced it to me, it did not even start.

"Oh, I must have left a light on."


The car is operable again but I am still nervous. He was supposed to work today at 4 pm, I thought. At 3:45 pm, I got hold of him. He was about to drive from a park to home. He said he'd go home to change his shoes before work. Half an hour later, I could not concentrate. My head is hurting and I was almost certain he got into some kind of trouble.

He came home for a couple minutes. He seemed OK. He works at 4:30 pm, he said. I wished he would have told me earlier.

Communication. We need to talk more.

I told him about the dangers of driving with two front bald tires for the minute I had with him before he left for work. He was already late anyway. His work was ten minutes away.

Anyway, for my sake, I should avoid thinking negatively automatically. He was not answering the phone earlier because he was driving. He knows he is not supposed to use the phone while driving, maybe, just like I told him.

What should I be doing? Be thankful. Think positive.

I took this week off. I planned this ahead as, during summer, my hospital unit is slow. So I am thankful I can do some fun things I enjoy like watching my dogs get silly and jealous with each other as my daughter pet each one.

I decided to declutter my home so I can actually see and use the things I want to use. Plus, I boxed several things for donation. My kids let go of their bikes as well that they have not touched for more than a year, so more room in the garage for my son's (very old) new car.

My daughter and I did some gardening. I have a small backyard that my three dogs use as a toilet so no more vegetable gardening there. I cheated and bought a tomato, squash, peppers, rosemary, and basil already in pots, some already with flowers. My daughter likes planting the flowering perennials so I let her do that.

I earned an Amazon card for participating in healthy activities at work so I used it to but a small electric mower. I have a small lawn and only a manual mower, but boy, the electric made the job a breeze. Oh, that reminds me, I am donating my old mower as well. That may have been easy pushing a manual mower ten years ago, but not anymore.

We had a good time watching Paul's son play high school basketball this summer. I still want to complain, though, about the entrance fee of $8 per person for adults. This is high school, geez.

Isn't Velvet, my brown dog so cute? Who said Pitbull (mix) dogs are fierce?

I am thankful for Blue Apron meals my aunt let me try for free. I have made gourmet-hotel-good home cooked meals because of the service.

Okay now, the sky is dark, and it might rain. I am worried about my son again driving his car with bald tires. Soon, I hope, he'd change them.
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  1. Great list of thankfuls. Sounds like a productive week with decluttering and gardening. And congrats on earning an Amazon card for doing healthy things.

  2. Wow Carin, you get serious points in my book! You're working so hard to stay positive! You've got incredible fortitude!!! Zoe/ivy

  3. This is a great list, Carin. I hope that all will be well for your son with his car, too. Kids and cars, scary thoughts can't help but happen.

    We used to have a German Shepherd/Chow mix dog. She was the sweetest thing, not at all like those breeds' reputations. Still, based on the reputation of the breeds, the house insurance company wanted to give us grief over here. She never hurt a fly. I think your Velvet is beautiful.

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Donating things is a good thing to do. I remember a few of the first cars my sister got, shared with her first serious boyfriend. They were not so safe looking sometimes, but it's normal to worry. Glad he was fine though. My dog uses my backyard as his big bathroom too. I have a front yard to plant flowers. I wish I enjoyed getting my hands dirty more though. How nice for you and your daughter that you could still find ways of growing things that work for you.

  5. Carin, you did a great job of redirecting your concerns about your son's safety into some positive thoughts along the way! I remember being that age and never stopping to consider how we might be giving our parents undo stress over our lack of caution, or more likely, lack of communication! I am thankful that your son is continuing to work at his job and was no doubt proud of his auto acquisition.

    I am glad you got to take a week off work to relax and do some fun things like gardening and playing with the dogs. I love planting in pots, so much easier, and it is nice that your daughter enjoys planting flowers for you all to enjoy!

    Decluttering is a wonderful project, hard work but it feels so good when accomplished. I have much more of it to do, but each corner or closet cleared makes me feel lighter. We tend to save things we rarely if ever use, and then we cannot locate the items we do want to use because of the clutter and disorganization. Making room in the garage is an added plus!

    How nice that you won the Amazon gift card and were able to buy an electric mower for your yard! I love Amazon, it is my go to shop for almost anything we need, and the convenience of delivery is great!

    It was nice that you got to watch Paul's son play basketball, I am sure he was happy to have you there! I agree that is an expensive entrance fee, especially for parents of the team!

    Velvet is indeed beautiful. Pitbulls make wonderful pets, they are fun, affectionate, and protective of their families. My niece has three of them, in all sizes and fosters others. I never have to worry about her and she has shown me how gentle they can be if loved and trained properly. The pitbull stigma is unfair to them.

    How nice of your aunt to let you try Blue Apron meals, I bet your family is enjoying those great gourmet suppers!

    I will pray for your son's safe travels until he is able to get those bald tires replaced so his mom doesn't have to worry. Have a great week ahead! XOXO

  6. This is a wonderful list for your TToT post.
    You worrying about your son and the bald tires on his new (old) car is certainly understandable. It is natural to want our kids to be safe, no matter what their ages.
    Decluttering is good for the soul, I think, especially of some of the things might be useful to someone else.
    It sounds like your daughter has picked up her mother's love for flowers and gardening.


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