Happy birthday Birthday to . . . Me

Simple birthday celebration

I turn golden this year and celebrated with my forever soulmate. Years ago, I did not anticipate celebrating the day with a group of 2 :). It is happy, nevertheless. We had a weekend get-away to a city nearby, in a hotel, and eating out twice a day in selected restaurants we managed to get reservations at. We are grateful we were able to do this.

Another time, we spent the evening with a vaccinated couple with wine tasting and dinner while we join a Zoom get-together with other wine-taster couples and the Wine producers in California (if that's what you call them). We had good bottles of wine - Zinfandels and champagne of some brands I did not think I would have tried.

This afternoon, we had my volunteer meeting via Zoom talking about our fundraising  to benefit a scholarship and COVID victims. Then, we played BINGO online. It was a good way to end our rather serious meeting.

I feel grateful for good food, volunteers, my husband, my friends, and all the mediums we use more often than two years ago to get around the inconveniences of the pandemic.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and week.

  2. Happy Birthday . What a lovely celebration xxx


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