Summer is in the Air

It's June! I haven't fully experience spring yet and it's almost summer. Where did the spring go?

It is still here, I guess. I am between what to plant outdoors? Spring plants or Summer plants in relation to the best season to plant them. Oh, well, maybe both. At least, the probability of frost may be over. It is usually by Memorial day in Colorado.

I have many reasons to be thankful aside from the nice weather suitable for planting. It is also a good season to hike. Look at my two-year-old grandson. He is a natural hiker. He just loves exploring the outdoors, perhaps more than my son, his dad, wants. He would pick up anything interesting in his eyes. Bugs? Dandelion? To me, as long as he does not try to taste them, is OK. :)

My son caught a fish after trying so many times. Simple fun.

My daughter playing "hair" with a Fuschia headpiece my niece, gave us something to smile about.

I am planting again. My outdoor tower planter is full of tomatoes both from store brought starters and seeds I sowed. The flowers in pots is from the store for the instant garden while I am waiting for the seeds I planted to grow all around the backyard.

Simple pleasures. Candies to my eyes. Even my husband likes them.

Have a pleasant week.
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  2. It seems Spring is rethinking things a bit here too, after a week of warm, no make that hot, weather, Spring and rain came rushing back in, saying "I'm not done yet."

    Is that a catfish that your son caught?

    Your grandchildren are adorable!

  3. That's a lot of beauty for which to be thankful!

  4. The tower planter is cool! I'd never remember to water it, though, and it would be over quickly! Your grandson is so cute! And curious!


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