Easter 2021


It's that season again
when the breeze is warm enough
To go out in nature
And the hike is not so rough
The ground is dry enough
The rock's not so slippery
As we climbed the trails above
Not so muddy but rocky

There's not much greenery
But a hint of good scenery
With young growth below, yet premature
Give a hope that reassures


Then Easter Day we were looking forward to
Came by and flew through
A few weeks of preparation
With our three generations
Putting up decorations
Getting gifts all ready
Making food for everybody
Some are healthy, some . . . just yummy

The egg hunting that used to be for our children
Some many years ago 
are now enjoyed by our grandkids
Who reminds us of those early years
The happy birthday days of festivities
The joy from those activities
Makes me grateful for simple things 
That has not changed
Spending time, playing, and eating together
Can bring joy altogether

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Love how you compose your photos!

    Smiled at "Making food for everybody
    Some are healthy, some . . . just yummy

    It sounds like you had a wonderful week and Easter get together.


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