June Thankfuls

Another month, a fresh beginning. It is another busy week but I make time to recognize the goodness around me. I have many reasons to smile this week.

Here's "we woke up like this picture." My grandson was crying so I help the couple by "borrowing" him. He instantly stops crying and here he is with sister, messy hair and all.

My current school for my Master's donated a carful of snacks and beverages to my units to recognize the staff, especially it is the year of the nurses. May is actually the nurse's week but we were too busy with COVID that my hospital did not have the celebration at all. This very nice gesture by American Sentinel University is very much appreciated.

Here's this morning's 2-hour hike in a nearby city. It was overcast and just perfect for hiking!
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Happy June! You do have lots of reasons to smile! Thanks for sharing with us! :-)

  2. Oh what a nice borrower you are!
    Nurse's week can never come too late, especially when snacks and beverages are included. What a nice gesture from your school.
    What a beautiful place to take a walk!

  3. Interesting geography out there. Must surely make for strenuous hiking! Good to see some overt signs of appreciation for your work, especially in such challenging times.

  4. There's nothing like snuggling with a grandparent for a crying child. It's a huge comfort for the baby.

    You live in a beautiful place.

  5. With COVID, I feel like every day is nurses day! I'm in Colorado too!


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