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Bubbles, Greens, and Splashes for Partying

Happy Birthday, Ttot. You are 7 years old. How time flies! I am glad this group is around and somehow shaped me to look at the positive side of my life including theirs. This is a group I want to continue to be part of. They are contagious in a good way. This is how I celebrate this week.

Here is the recent growth of my transplants and direct sow. The eggplant is looking good. The beans look happy as well. I got sweet potatoes too. In the Philippines, they are called "kamote." I've always liked it. I have a pair of strawberries to date from a plant. This renewed hobby keeps me happy, so far. It looks like, I won't be going on long vacations this year so I might as well keep a hobby while staying close to home. My daughter and granddaughter are doing some planting on their own too, and help me once in a while with mine.

Paul does not care about any planting. But he'd go with me on some walks and hikes. Here is one from today. It was a good 4-mile hike on a nice day.

An easy way to feel young is to have fun with the young, my grandchildren--in the store, indoors, or outdoors (when they are in a good mood).

The peak of the hike is the mists of water from this dam. It was enough to cool us off halfway through our hike.

I found out, my grandchildren love popping bubbles. Simpy so fun!

We almost had only 1 (out of original 4 COVID) unit this week. But we admitted more COVID patients by mid-week so we reopened the 2nd unit. It is still better than needing 4 hospital units for COVID as before. Something to be thankful for. You may be getting tired of my updates. We, hospital staff, are getting tired too. Oh well.

Wait, I have to end this post on a positive note. I was surprised by a cashier who came after me to return a $100 bill I dropped by accident. I messaged her boss to report this act of kindness.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Sweet potatoes are so delicious and healthy too. I'm glad your hobby keeps you occupied and happy.

  2. That was a positive end to your post! How nice that you got your money returned!
    Your garden plants look great. I love the videos you posted! It's the simple things, like bubbles, that can bring so much joy to children (and adults, for that matter!) :-)

  3. I'm grateful for your devotion to patients. Your garden is so lush! The grands are adorable!

  4. nice to be reminded that many people are still as we would hope...
    nice vids
    gardens we try, here at our house
    the sunshine is lacking, so our vegetable would barely feed a mouse.

  5. Yeah for the cashier who rushed to return your money that you dropped and yeah for you letting her boss know of her kindness!
    Bubbles are delightful at any age. When Mom was in the nursing home, they sometimes had a bubble machine going during an activity time. The bubbles always brought smiles.
    I agree that the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop has shaped many of us who participate. I enjoy your photos and comments. Thank you for your service to those who are struggling with COVID-19.


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