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Kauai Vacation

Kauai vacation pictures outdoors
Paul and I are lucky enough to go out of the mainland and visit Hawaii's Kauai island. We prepared for this trip with money-saving in mind (we cooked most meals and did not order drinks when we ate out). We also lost weight before leaving. Here is my gratitude list.

  1. Losing weight and getting fitter. We tolerated short moderate to difficult hikes to go to the smaller and more private beach to avoid the crowds. 
  2. Beautiful beaches we enjoyed for free. The beaches are all public in Hawaii.
  3. The beautiful, lush, and shady hikes to complement sunny days.
  4. Natural rocks to sit on to watch the waves and enjoy the cool breeze for hours.
  5. Jojo's shaved ice with macadamia ice cream on the bottom. We enjoyed the tropical breeze flavor almost daily!
  6. Hawaiian feast and show called Lua. That was fun to watch.
  7. The company of friends from Colorado. Of all places, we got to meet in Hawaii after many years. How odd but nice. They stopped over from a cruise.
  8. The pink sarong Paul encouraged me to get. It is so versatile wrap/dress/top/or skirt! I never had one. It is a must, especially when going to the beach and going somewhere else right after.
  9. All the beautiful experience we had on vacation. It made me more resilient facing problems waiting at home. My neighbor "mistakenly constructed a fence" some-20 feet passed her property line into my lot. This is partially resolved. Thank goodness in part for my children 19- and 20- year olds adulting. This issue started the next day after I left for an 8-day vacay. Oh, and also, my daughter slipped driving my car on a snow day days later. My car is still in the shop. 
  10. My daughter is not hurt in the car accident. The other party did not get hurt either.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. What a lovely trip and beautiful pictures!

  2. Hawaii! One of those places that I've always wanted to visit, someday perhaps.
    Funny (not really) what some people think they can get away with, encroaching is like trying to rob a bank with no mask and stopping to pose for the security cameras. Like there's no legal description of the boundaries of a property.

  3. Wow! You look gorgeous in that sarong! What a wonderful trip. Amazing to leave snow behind and enjoy a tropical world. Your photos are perfect. Hawaii is so stunningly lovely. Did you take photos all the time? I know I would. Hope your fencing problem is resolved. 20 feet is no little mistake!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of Hawaii. This makes me think about going there again sometime. What a great idea to lose weight BEFORE going on vacation, so you can enjoy eating some of the yummy food when you are on vacations.

    Oh, wow! #9 That is crazy that the neighbors thought they could encroach on your property and do it while you were away!

    I am glad your daughter and the other party is okay. Sorry about your car.

  5. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!
    How does someone make a 20 foot error on where a property line is?

    1. I am still in disbelief that it (encroachment to that degree) actually happened. I mean who does that?


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