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Outdoor with Leaves (and Fire)

the trailer making experiment--
the texts are random, 
and we are not in Mexico. :)

In the unique climate of Colorado with cool morning and eves but up to the 80's-warm during the day, my vegetable garden seems confused about the weather. Should they strive or give up? The tomatoes and eggplants seemed to stop growing. The thermometer changes in such a wide range. The leaves continue to fall but not all at once. 

I took it upon myself to make raking and blowing leaves my Saturday workout donning a headcover, glasses, mask, long sleeves, and long pants. I must look suspicious with a powerful weapon--the leaf blower only to be defeated by the strong wind and nature the next day. By Sunday morning, it looked as though I did not clear the leaves the day before. What more? The strong wind seemed to have blown the whole blocks' neighbors' leaves to the end of the cul-de-sac, in front of my house. But at least, I had a proof--some 8 bags full of fallen leaves. Nevertheless, I have a list of gratitude to share.
  • Workout from clearing the fallen leaves
  • Audiobook, podcasts, and music to block the noise and entertain me while working
  • Live mass online to listen to
  • Fire table to warm us while eating outside in the backyard on cool autumn nights
  • Smores
  • One or two friends visiting after a few years
  • A leaf blower, rake, lawn paper bags, and garbage day
  • Proctor online to watch me take my midterm exam to the comfort of my home
  • Funny shows on TV (I like Schitt's Creek, Married with Children, Friends . . . )
  • Cheesecake delivery, pecan cheesecake was so good!
  • Chinese food delivery
  • Online shopping and delivery people
  • New decors for the house Paul is sharing with me -- pillows, and wall decors stuck up high on used-to-be bare walls
  • An extra (body) pillow (because Paul does not like small decorative pillows on the bed).
  • Everybody in the family is staying healthy

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. What a fun video! Just today I was thinking I should attempt to do something about all those leaves that came down during the night when it was pouring down rain and it was sounding like the wind was rearranging anything not bolted down. Since there is more of this type of weather coming this week, I am going to shove my energetic thought aside for now. 😏It sounds like you are having fun doing some indoor decorating. Hope you have another great week and continue to stay healthy.

  2. Now I want Smores! My beloved has never had one!


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