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Gardening Hobby

I started a planting hobby this month. I figure planting is something I can have fun with alone. I started mostly from seeds and picked the ones I know I like and likely eat.
Way above are microgreens that I grew by the window sill from seeds. I forgot to take a picture today. It's too late. I ate them for a snack this morning. It tasted like broccoli which I do like. From seeds, in ten days they look green carpeting on the tray.
The 4-leaf seedling is the very first one among the 30 plants I planted last week. It's my future mustard greens to add to my smoothie or maybe sinigang (Filipino dish).

I mentioned that this hobby is something I can enjoy alone but I don't have to be alone. Here, my grandson is looking at the bare tower garden. They look bare in this angle but each pocket is filled with soil and some seeds.

Look at my oyster mushrooms. I just ten days, they grew so fast. I sauteed them today. So simply delicious.


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Overdue Gratitude

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